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“I don’t have any neck or shoulder pain anymore!” – Deb T

“I don’t have to see a Physio regularly, I just come along here…” – Jayne P

“Thank you so much for your help with my hips, back and mental health. You have helped my 2017 so much!” – Sam D

“Kirsty is a fantastic teacher. Her passion for yoga, it’s meaning and for people radiates from her heart. You can feel it as soon as you enter her space. Kirsty makes time for you. I feel like one of her friends rather than a number. I am so glad I joined conscious movement. Best decision I’ve made this year, so far.” – Angie B

“It always makes me feel happy… I feel light after every session, every time.” – Irma H

“Will change your life in more ways than one…” – Andrew P

“I can’t help but feel that I’ve met you at exactly the right time…” – Kylie R

“Thank you so much Kirsty for reminding me what I have been missing for so long in my life, since joining Conscious Movement my self esteem & confidence is building everyday. Love my yoga, my body, my life xx” – Anna F

“A yoga class you can have a good belly laugh in!” – Bel O’M


What the CM members have to say about it...


Yoga at Conscious Movement is different.

It is a modern approach. It is fun. Class sizes are small. There is personal attention, care, instruction, relationship & support. We believe in teaching you how to feel and perform movement properly, down to the tiny details that make a huge difference.

You will feel immediately welcomed and part of the awesome & non-judgmental community. You will feel revived, clear and empowered after every class. You will feel stronger and more confident in yourself and your body every week.

There are a variety of classes on offer, all are variations of Vinyasa and appropriate for both beginner & intermediate. Including Barre, Yin & Meditation.

2 week trial available for all new members, just $20… so stop sitting on the ‘should do it… might try it…’ side of the fence… and START!! Bring a friend! Start your yoga journey together!

2018 is your year.

We can’t wait to meet you.

Kirsty x 

INTRODUCTORY 2 WEEK TRIAL… JUST $20!!  (new members only)

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  • Yoga & Meditation Testimonials

    “Your sessions make me happy.”

    “I have no words to express other than WOW and more WOW with lots of love and more.”

    “Yesterday’s session actually blew my mind. I got so much out of every aspect of the workshop. Thank you so much. A whole lifetime of decisions and actions all now making sense… Thank you thank you thank you.”

  • “Yesterday’s session actually blew my mind. I got so much out of every aspect of the workshop. Thank you so much. A whole lifetime of decisions and actions all now making sense… Thank you thank you thank you.”

  • “Your yoga class moved me.”

  • Integrated PT Gratitude

    “I cannot thank you enough for changing my life in so many ways (both physically and mentally) – you are not just a trainer but an awesome friend.”

    “Thanks Kirsty! I never would have started if I didn’t have a mentor like you!! Between your kind words daily and deadly (boxing) kicks… no wonder why I am so motivated! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!!!!!! I’m very excited to be sharing the journey with you and already am so proud of myself.”

  • “Love what you do. Your sessions are awesome. I just want to share your talents with others.”

  • Reiki Gratitude

    “This sounds so cliché, but I can’t believe how different I feel!!! It’s like this warrior has come out of nowhere… I can’t find the words to express my gratitude and appreciation.”

    “After some incredible reiki yesterday, today was the first time I could look myself in the mirror and say with confidence that I’m good enough. That I deserve happiness. That I should believe in myself. And my role here on earth is to love others and make a difference. Thank you so much Kirsty, I have an amazing future to look forward to.”



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