Integrated Personal Training

To me, integrated PT is addressing the entire person as a physical and spiritual being.

It is about working toward (strength/fitness/wellbeing/mindset/rehab/performance/body transformation) goals, with BALANCE underlying the entire intention. Our body ALWAYS works best and inflammation decreases when we are in flow and balance. Our vital energy soars. We feel alive. We choose well.

I naturally hold a safe, encouraging and empowering space for individuals; my clients grow in confidence, knowledge, self-belief, become happier and healthier from within  and can never go back.


1)      About Kirsty & Fitness

I love how movement feels. I love understanding movement in the body not only in a physical sense, but on a deeper energetic level. Knowing and feeling how the mind and emotions connect with the intricate layers in the human body, and working with that holistic awareness to see where the internal disconnects are found. Here, complete change in an individual’s life and wellbeing experience can begin…

2)      Specialties

I look for and work toward homeostasis (internal balance) in muscles, movements, nervous system, mind…. Which essentially means my specialties may be in rehab, weight loss and body transformation, energy and vitality, anything health related that moves an individual toward better function and less inflammation. From a more personal perspective, I naturally hold a safe, encouraging and empowering space for individuals; my clients grow in confidence, self-belief, become happier from within and truly choose health.

3)      Motto

We each have an amazing power and capacity to create. We first need to remember 3 things about ourselves; we are enough, we are valuable, we are deserving. Now go unleash that crazy potential inside of you.

4)      Impact

I want everyone to feel better, healthier, happier, every day. Not to turn to quick fixes to mask dysfunction, but to truly honour and realise their own ability to love themselves and the life they choose to lead.



Relevant qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Health & Human Movement) UNISA
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Neurolinguistic Programming & Timeline Therapy Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Cert 4 in Fitness
  • Yoga Instructor

Most notable achievements in industry thus far

  • Trainer for Ch9 BIG:Extreme Makeover 2011
  • Mel B’s PT 2011-‘14
  • Body+Soul Personal Trainer & Writer 2011-‘15
  • Morning Show & Today Show Health Expert
  • Speaking on body image in NSW High Schools
  • Opening Conscious Movement


There are limited spaces available, for those who are READY for change.

Kirsty: 0431 282 326


If you’d like to read and understand more about my personal training background and experience, please click here… The KW Story

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