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reiki energy healing

So how would I explain reiki?… (don’t worry, my parents still aren’t sure about it either…)


Let’s start from a more scientific point of view. We know that everything is energy. There is solar energy, wind energy, sound, energy all around us that we cannot see but we know is there or life would not exist. It makes sense then, that our thoughts are also energy, doesn’t it. The thoughts that give rise to our emotions are definitely energy; we can feel the incredible power storm created through feeling angry, frustrated, irritated, as well as joyful and excited and immensely happy. Remember a time when you felt an incredible urge to yell or kick or punch something? Or to sing or dance or give to others all of a sudden? We feel the physiological shift in our body and may feel an immediate urge to move, to run, to do a big angry boxing session to release the built up energy and bring us back to a more balanced and peaceful disposition.

So what about our emotions and feelings that we have not expressed over our lifetime? In a world where it can be seen as a ‘weakness’ to be vulnerable and express ourselves truly, we can repress how we feel, instead saying things and acting in ways that we think we should in order to keep the peace, or, in order to facilitate a specific outcome. We learn these beliefs and values very strongly throughout childhood based on example and tend to behave in ways that align with these belief systems, even if we do not not consciously understand them.

What happens when we are old enough to be independent, to feel, learn and experience things for ourselves? This can be seen as our ‘rebellious’ phase or adolescent years, when no one seems to understand us. A time when we start to see, feel and understand both sides of the spectrum to find our own meaning, balance and our own way. Those old belief systems we created back in early development are so deeply ingrained; we have run those neural patterns over and over and over again. We have seen the energies and behaviours demonstrated over and over again still. And so when we think or act in a way different to our upbringing, we may innately feel like we are breaking the rules. Without realising it, we may then judge ourselves as ‘bad’ or doing something ‘wrong.’

Dysfunction is the result.

The older we get, the more these dysfunctional patterns manifest in our physical body. Part of us holds one belief, while another part is trying to achieve a completely different outcome. How about all of the aches and pains and injuries that don’t seem to improve or shift or go away even with regular physical treatment? Here is where the emotions have been repressed, stored in tigger points and muscles and organs and body tissues, which are all energy too, and huge signs of a disconnection between the mind and spirit, which is you. Yes, this is an example of the mind-body-spirit connection. It is not scary, when understood, it makes perfect sense. Enough sense to research further at the very least.

Remember that our thoughts and emotions are energy, and we can clear and shift the energy by moving in specific ways. It sounds easy, doesn’t it! Just go and do a crazy workout, shift the anger and the confusion!! It’s not that simple, or we would all be a lot happier as a collective; there needs to be a level of conscious connection to bring it out into the open to be healed.

Yes, healed. What a great word. Without some sort of acknowledged effort to change our thoughts, beliefs and actions, we keep re-running the same patterns that ultimately cause the imbalance and dysfunction in whatever form it takes. These are the patterns that we tend to keep repeating in relationships, in our career, finances, friends, in our health, in our eating habits, in anything we are emotionally attached to but perhaps do not know why or how to change. Hence, the pain remains.

Perhaps we just know that we want to change something but are not sure how. We cannot see our emotions physically, so it can be very challenging to know where to begin, or even to make a connection to what we are really feeling and wanting and why that is affecting us so deeply.

Enter reiki. A beautiful form of energy healing originating in 19th Century Japan by a man named Mikao Usui. In a nutshell, reiki follows the principles also used in yoga, acupuncture, in TCM and eastern practices that use the chakra system to understand energy flow within and around the human body. Using the chakras, highly transformative shifts can be made energetically, connecting the spirit (you) with the emotions and thoughts and the physical body. Incredible self-awareness is possible when the chakra system is understood and applied.

Reiki practitioners are attuned to channel (yes another ‘woowoo’ word) healing energies through their palms, which, when placed on or above an individual’s body can bring repressed energies to the surface to be let go of by the person. Those who have experienced reiki will report how immediately they felt so much lighter, more space, freedom, clarity and peace. The techniques and energies have developed much since coming to the western world, and so different practitioners may offer slightly different methods and services.

I have been practising reiki for 5 years and been so privileged to see so many mind-blowing transformations in clients. As a highly intuitive and compassionate Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, I am very experienced at sensing what is weighing down on my clients, understanding their body language, posture, as well as reading their comfort level and guiding them to a mind-body-spirit connection to the situation to ensure a holistic shift is made.

Sessions are highly confidential and include a debrief, the energy work, and following up with a holistic action plan. It is of huge importance to me that my clients create shifts not only at the level of mindset awareness, but also integrating this into their physical body; a total mind-body-spirit transformation. Success is a given. I am also able to heal past lives if that is relevant at the session, and if my clients are open to such work.
Does this sound a little scary to you? Are you a little worried about what might come up at the session?

This is totally normal. If we do not want to deal with something, we tend to ‘sweep it under the rug’. This is fine, a coping mechanism, however the dysfunctional patterns will remain.

Here’s the cool part…
It is well researched that before the age of 7, children will repress any emotional trauma they are not yet strong enough to understand and deal with. It is therefore easy to see how, as adults, we tend to bring old trauma up to the surface/conscious level to be healed, only as we are strong enough to do so. Knowing this removes the scare-factor. If you are experiencing it and feeling something, you are strong enough to deal with it.

Self-awareness is a beautiful journey and process, and I am so excited to share these methods with those who resonate with and are ready to make some changes toward greater happiness and personal excellence.

This is the place for you. Come and see for yourself.

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