“My purpose is to guide others to reconnect with their authentic selves, and in doing so, grow into more courageous, powerful and joy-filled beings living passionate experiences.”


Conscious Movement is an experience.

My number one passion is to facilitate a mind/body awareness, so that others may learn to read and understand the subtle signs and messages from their own body and create informed and empowered change and self-growth.

Any disharmony we experience and feel is purely a sign of disconnect and miscommunication between our soul (self) and our mind (thoughts). One of the most significant lessons in reconnecting to and aligning ourselves is to understand that we are not our thoughts and we not only have the power to change what we think, but also our entire experience. What we think, we create and we become.

It takes a huge amount of energy to cover up our spirit, our true self, and maintain dysfunctional ways of being and living, contributing to unnecessary stress, weight, inflammation and fatigue. Our body works best in balance; mind, body and spirit, and it is our responsibility to learn what that unique blend looks like to us as an individual and to create it for ourselves.

I love to teach that ‘your body isn’t just tight… it’s tight for a reason’… Learning to understand that reason is the quickest and most compassionate way to transformation, expansion, feeling more peace and content.

It is important to me that experience and information is real, applicable to daily life and current with the times, and as such my style is not only down-to-earth, but appropriate for those who are perhaps just curious about mind/body health as well as those who love and embrace the more spiritual aspects.


It is a conscious movement.

Kirsty x


This is the place for you. Come and see for yourself.

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