Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructors

Kirsty Welsh – Owner

Kirsty is a modern-day yogi, a quirky and inspiring leader with a vision and belief that our greatest experience of happiness can be achieved through our best holistic health. An absolute passion for movement, Kirsty teaches others how to FEEL. In a compassionate and empathetic yet ‘tough love’ way, she guides others to understand their body in space on an energetic level, teaching progressively what to feel, how to feel it, and how to link it all and align together with body, mind and heart. Essentially, Kirsty teaches reconnection to self.

The benefits of this are holistically brilliant. As internal awareness and support starts to wake up, muscular aches and pains start to dissolve. Length returns to muscles. Stability forms in and around joints. Daily experience of wellbeing soars. Daily choices moving toward better health are easier with greater alignment of mind to needs. Total body and mind strength, self-esteem and belief explode. Not to mention developing the greatest butt in town while you’re at it 😉

Her studies, field experience and outstanding knowledge of the physical body, the human psyche and spirituality allow her to create a powerful experience at each class, for each individual. Her approach is down-to-earth, with a beautiful way of bringing yogi and spiritual principles into the modern-day world for real people to gain practical understandings about themselves.

Kirsty teaches a creative vinyasa flow style of yoga crafted with potent intention and has a magical way of holding a safe and empowering space that allows and encourages enjoyment, self-honouring and individuality, appreciation and connection.

Kirsty takes all classes apart from those listed with other instructors.

Kylie Jane

Kylie has been practising yoga on and off for a number a years as a balance to her long distance running.

In 2015 the shift changed and yoga became her number one focus, practising more and running less. She found her lower back problems settled with a regular practice and her general strength improved.
In 2016 Kylie took on the challenge of teacher training with Zoe Trenwith, which proved to be a life changing decision. The teacher training helped Kylie gain valuable knowledge not only in yoga postures, but also meditation, pranayama and yoga philosophy.
Kylie loves both practising and teaching a fun vinyasa class, building heat and finding fluidity in the movements. Kylie believes that yoga really can be for everyone, and looks forward to teaching students at all stages of their yoga journey.
Kylie takes an empowering Vinyasa Flow class on Friday mornings at 6am.


Amy Gillan

Always drawn towards healing, Amy worked as a Registered Nurse for years yet always feeling something was not quite sitting right. In her personal life Amy lived a more holistic life style including a dedicated home yoga practice but struggled to integrate her beliefs into the western medical system. Confused and dissatisfied, she travelled and ended up landing in a small rural town in Guatemala called San Marcos. Here, not only did her yoga practice deepen dramatically, her world was opened up to kirtan, sound healing, sacred cacao ceremonies, reiki and the importance of touch in healing. It was here she also met her muse and mentor, Randi Schiffman of Kula Collective, who planted the seed of teaching yoga and would later facilitate her teacher training. Though Randi had planted that seed, Kirsty Welsh sprouted it, watered it and watched it grow and blossom. A year or so of transformation and healing with Kirsty through yoga and PT Amy had never felt more connected to herself physically or emotionally. 

The calling grew stronger and stronger and Amy quit nursing and completed her 200 hour YTT with the intention to facilitate self-exploration, self-healing and self-nurturing in others. 

Her style is firmly supportive, offering a gentle vinyasa and a nurturing yin practice, using both energetic and physical adjustments to allow opening, and surrendering while cultivating and holding a healing space and energy. In the near future she will be advancing her training in restorative and yin yoga as well as pre/post-natal yoga. Stay tuned!


Amy takes a soft Vinyasa Flow on Mondays at 6.45pm and Tuesdays at 6am, and a nurturing Yin Yoga on Tuesdays at 9.15am and Thursdays at 6.45pm

What our clients say about our Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • “The only yoga class I’ve ever enjoyed! Thanks K!"
  • “Your yoga class moved me.”
  • “Love what you do. Your sessions are awesome. I just want to share your talents with others.”

Yoga mats available or BYO. Also required for meditation class.

Please arrive at least 10 mins prior to your first class and bring any relevant doctor’s clearance forms.


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